Month: September 2016

Networking 101: 8 Actionable Tips That You Can Apply In The Next Event

Networking basics are important for any entrepreneur to want to expand his or her business. If you have ever felt like networking is boring and dull, this video will change your mind because you’ll learn some powerful strategies for making authentic connections with other individuals. Being successful at networking can help you get more leads and potential business partners.

In this video you will discover the 8 actionable tips you can start testing out right away to build meaningful and authentic relationships.networking

Here they are:

1. Focus on giving vs. getting
2. Be present
3. Listen more than you talk
4. Think long term vs. short term
5. Don’t over commit or feel guilty
6. Be honest
7. Take action immediately
8. Only go to things that excite you

Let us know which tip you like the most!